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Peter and Tom first sailed together on their honeymoon in 2015.

Tom had never sailed before but luckily Peter was a natural sea dog, and dutifully took the helm, repeating the mantra the guy in the Mauritius beach hut left us with “Just keep your back to the wind and you’ll be fine!”

Since then they have sailed over 2500 nautical miles, eaten countless tacos and survived the summer heat in Mexico's wild and remote Sea of Cortez!

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Everyone's welcome at the Yacht Club, especially if you pick up the tab! Ha ha.

We consider ourselves incredibly fortunate to be able to cast off and sail the world on our own small boat! We also really enjoy documenting the journey and sharing it on YouTube, so please don't feel obliged to fund either of our expensive hobbies!

A few kind souls have asked if they can pay into our rum fund as a token of their appreciation, and so the Bohemia Yacht Club was born. We're inviting any like-minded, generous spirits who enjoy our videos to hang out at the Yacht Club and support our third hobby, drinking in exotic places!

Should you wish to be so generous and buy us a drink, you can make an automatic donation per episode with Patreon, or a one-off or repeating donation through Paypal. Thank you so much!