About the crew

Watch Bohemia's crew talk about themselves in the third person again!

Peter and Tom first sailed together on their honeymoon in 2015. Tom had never sailed before but luckily Peter was a natural sea dog, and dutifully took the helm, repeating the mantra the guy in the Mauritius beach hut left us with “Just keep your back to the wind and you’ll be fine!”

Fast forward one year later and the happy couple’s wanderlust -and Tom’s job- saw them move to California, where the beautiful San Francisco Bay stretched out in front of them. Convinced there may be more useful tricks they could add to their repertoire while keeping their backs to the wind, they set about taking sailing lessons with their local American Sailing Association (ASA) school and were hooked in no time.

The details are hazy, but somehow they managed to convince themselves that buying their beloved Bohemia (a Beneteau Oceanis 361) and teaching themselves ‘the rest of sailing’ would be the cheaper option compared to completing the remaining ASA courses and exams!

Peter and Tom’s love of sailing grew with their frequent weekend escapes around the Bay and nearby Pacific Coast aboard Bohemia. No matter what stresses the work week had in store, they quickly melted away once we were bobbing around on the water.

As they continued to cruise, far from being sated, the wanderlust just grew stronger, and the pair set their thoughts to the crazy notion of cruising long term and taking little Bohemia to distant shores and warmer waters. After years of boat work, upgrades (and no small amount of learning to sail the hard way!), they set off under the Golden Gate Bridge in 2019, having sold their car and given up their marina slip.

Since then they have sailed over 2500 nautical miles, eaten countless tacos and spent a year exploring the wild and remote Sea of Cortez, encountering whale sharks and sea turtles among the beautiful desert surroundings. They now have their sights set on the Mexican mainland before plucking up the courage to cross the Pacific in early 2022.

About the boat

Beneteau Oceanis 361

Bohemia is a Beneteau Oceanis 361, built in the USA in 2001. We bought her in 2017 in Alameda, California, carried out many modifications and upgrades, and moved aboard her in September of that year.

Bohemia is the ‘owner’s’ version of the 361, which means it has a two-cabin layout, with a large galley, large aft berth, and a large lazarette on the port side (right where the third cabin would have been). We feel that she punches above her weight in terms of interior layout for the 36 footer, and often find the galley and head far more generous than larger boats that we visit.

Bohemia has a modest freeboard, and as a light, fin-keeled boat, sails relatively well, despite being laden down with all of our worldly possessions! We feel that she is a sturdy boat in excellent shape, and plan to one day sail her across the Pacific Ocean in the coming years.